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I’m old school, which means I truly appreciate Ray’s attention to detail and unmatched commitment to quality.

I recently worked with Ray on a very challenging project: a build-from-scratch, classic Fire Spiker. The finished prop is simply stunning. I was inspired by Ray's meticulous craftsmanship, and quite frankly, obsession with getting it right.

Ray exceeded my expectations in every department. Skilled, timely and gracious throughout, he is clearly driven to deliver 110%.
Posted By: The Legendary Mark Kalin - Worlds Top Illusionist
Ray is an absolute pro. Not only is his work flawless but he’s a joy to work with. Honest, fair, and extremely creative- I have had nothing but the best experience with him on all of the props he’s made for me.

- Magician at the Nomad in New York and a regular on Jimmy Fallon
Posted By: Dan White
Ray Lum's props work and his attention to detail is phenomenal! It's how we all wish props were made but often they aren't. In the magic fabrication world there really are only a handful of good people that truly care, and Ray’s certainly one of them. On top of that, he's a working pro that thinks like a Magician and the practicalities of performance and not just the build itself. Quality without compromise.

If you thought it couldn't get any better, guess again. He's a nice guy and a joy to do business with. 11-out-of-10!
Posted By: John Taylor, Illusionist/Inventor Australia
A Shaolin disciple is trained to assess problems and situations with calmness and clarity, and attend to duties with zest and loyalty.
Ray Lum's Martial Arts philosphies are clearly seen within his work. His ability to absorb knowledge from the Masters before him and apply his own thinking, techniques and innovations is an art in itself.
He takes on every project with the dedication and determination to create a functional and beautiful piece of apparatus to the point of perfection.
I am proud to have witnessed his growth as a Magic Builder and mostly proud to call him my good friend.
Posted By: Chance Wolf - Fabricator
I have never seen a Magic Fabricator so dedicated in his work! Love your work! Big Fan!
Posted By: The Legendary Late Tom Mullica
I am more than happy with the finished product and would recommend your services to anyone who is looking to refinish or refurbish their magic props
and illusions.
Posted By: Paul Gross - Owner of Hocus Pocus Magic
I love Ray’s attention to detail. He makes it for you as if he were making it for himself.
Posted By: Kevin James - Inventor, Magic Creator/Illusionist
Ray builds props the way he would like for himself, and he is one of the most selective guys I know.
(Magic Consultant and Illusion Mgr. for David Copperfield in the 90’s)
Posted By: Tim White, Magic Consultant
Ray is an underground gem in the world of illusion building & restoration.
His impeccable workmanship, experience and expertise are important resources for the modern illusionist!
Posted By: JC Sum - Asia’s Top Illusionist
From the start to end Ray Lum is a master builder We love the illusion that he made for us . We recommend him to everyone big or small illusion this man can do it all. Give him a call we did!
Posted By: Victor Cephas aka Victor & Diamond

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