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llusion design, engineering and fabrication is a collaborative effort. It takes several dedicated individuals to complete a deceptive, carefree, esthetically pleasing final visual. I'd like to share with you the latest "Daniel Summers' Cutting Edge Illusion" being delivered for a revue show. My very special thanks and graduated goes to Ray Lum in Las Vegas for his outstanding workmanship and tremendous attention to detail that he gave to this device. Ray .. you have certainly raised the bar on this one! I appreciate your dedication and focus on this project to produce a piece of magical art for many to enjoy. Keeping everyone informed and up to date on a daily basis was greatly appreciated as well Ray.
--Daniel Summers - Illusion Designer, Illusionist Builder and performer
Posted By: Daniel Summers
As a designer and artist, it's very satisfying to see one's creative concept brought to life by a skilled craftsman. Through collaborations with Ray, I have seen my ideas come to life time and time again. His attention to detail is unsurpassed. Combining a natural ability for problem-solving, along with a true sense of the importance of strong visuals in every aspect of fabrication, have contributed to Ray's commitment to excellence.

David Starr - Illusion Designer / Fashion Designer / Set Designer to Music Stars
Posted By: David Starr
Ray Lum is the world's premier illusion builder because he thinks "outside the box." He will not settle for good enough. Ray exceeds expectations because of his expertise and desire to understand the clients on an individual level. Each client is unique, and Ray provides unique solutions. Those seeking generic designs should look elsewhere. But those seeking a work of illusion art to make your show incredible, trust Ray Lum to make build magic props that are truly best in class.
Posted By: Brett Barry - Corporate Entertainer / Sven Pad Inv
Ray Lum really cares about making quality magic. His craftsmanship and attention to detail is second to none. Ray learned from the best, now he is one of the best!
Posted By: Chris Murphy - Illusion Fabricator
Ray is a high level builder pursuing high quality and it is his pride. Above all, he know s all the details as a performer's view(and sometimes it is very important) and he cares very much!
This may seem like a small difference at the beginning, but it makes a huge difference as a result.And most importantly, he understands all these details.
Posted By: Eun Gyeol Lee - Korea’s Top celebrate Illusionist
After knowing Ray for years I can say Ray’s work is outstanding. His attention to detail is incredible. I highly recommend Ray for your next project or refurbish.
Posted By: Greg Gleason - World Famous Illusionist
Equipped with a unique perspective as both a builder AND performer, Ray Lum brings a masterful working knowledge to every project and collaboration. Supplied with an arsenal of practical and technical know-how, Ray is consistently looking for ways to elevate the project or prop and take it to the next level as if he were the client. With years of experience and a diverse portfolio both on and off stage, Ray brings an in-depth catalogue of expertise and exquisite craftsmanship and care to every project he takes on.
Posted By: Joseph Wartnerchaney / Director and Producer
Define the word “Quality”. I dare you. Most people can’t. Not because they are stupid, but because they are ignorant of the meaning. They should be. In a world where the bottom line and mass-production are everything, quality is not likely to be found. People just don’t see quality anymore and hence, have forgotten it’s meaning.

The same can be said true, unfortunately, in the world of magic. The bottom line and mass-production have become the primary focus of many manufacturers of magical apparatus. It is rare these days to find a diamond amongst so many zircons.

I am proud to note an exception to the rule when I say I am proud to endorse Ray Lum’s Ultimate Ring in Gumball Machine. Or, as I have always fondly called it, The LumBall Machine. I could not be more proud to own such a quality piece of magical apparatus. I have performed the effect countless times on television and video and use it to close all my performances. Further, I will boldly state (and I speak for many others) that if I had a choice of performing only ONE effect for the duration of my performaces, I would choose, hands-down, The LumBall Machine effect!

The precision care and detail that go into building the machine can only enhance the amazing effect it produces. Ray, like myself, is picky and knows quality when he sees it! He handcrafts each machine to his exact standards and tests each unit to make sure it holds up during performance after performance. Ray puts his name on each unit and proudly stands behind every machine.

Now there’s something you don’t see every day.
Posted By: Mike Giusti - Comedy Magician
Saying Ray is a prop builder is like saying Michelangelo does a bit of painting and decorating. I love every piece he’s made for me, and they’ve never let me down. Which is more than I can say for the dog. Also, he built an Ironman suit, which lights up and shit. So that’s pretty cool. He may be pricey, but you’re paying for the best and anyone who thinks he’s too expensive doesn’t understand how much Ironman suits cost.
Piff the Magic Dragon - Loser on America’s Got Talent, Las Vegas Headliner at Flamingo Hilton
Posted By: Piff the Magic Dragon
Ray Lum is the most reliable and professional illusion consultant and builder I’ve worked with. Working on some of the best shows with the best artist in the magic industry, he is the man behind those masterpieces on stage and every single detail of his work is fantastic!
Posted By: Conan Liu - Illusionist - Asia TV celebrity

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