Throughout the years, we at KMD have acquired building rights from some of the most respected legends in the Magic Indus try!

From Kevin James, Mark Kalin, Dan Summers, to Andre and Tim Kole...

Wrapped Ilusion1KMD now presents Thomas Moore's Iconic Wrapped Illusion:Wrapped Illusion2

• Completely handcrafted by Ray Lum with that classic industrial look.
• We wanted it to resemble an aluminum post on a platform, plain and innocent!
• All mechanisms have been machined.
• We've added 3 different holes on the platform, allowing you to place the plastic wrap roll in any position.

In the KMD tradition, the prop includes Thomas Moore's name alongdside your name to show that it's a original.
Prop without ATA case is $5000.00 (rights included)
ATA case is available (for an additional fee)
A curtain system is also available (for an additional fee). Photos coming soon.


Checkout my buddy Ed Alonzo performing the Original Thomas Moore prop.

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