show boothFor years, I've used my own custom booth as a Backroom Sales Booth for Illusion or Trade Shows.
Everyone always asked "where can i get a booth like yours?"

Now KMD is making them and offering them to the public!
KMD proudly presents:

The Trade Show / Backroom Sales Booth

Stand out from the competition as our booths offer the following features:

  • Customizeable top sign
  • Adjustable sign height
  • Ability to add cordless lighting to top sign
  • Ability to add cordless flood lights pointing down on your close up pad
  • Back lid removes allowing you to display products
  • Internal Shelving
  • Optional locking cabinets (important for Trade Shows)

An extremely Professional Table.  Beautifully contstructed.  A booth made by Professionals for Professionals!
Call for pricing. Everything is custom made to order.

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